Like Grandmother Like Granddaughter

While my Mom and Sister were packing and looking through some of my Grandpa's things (long story there, he's been suffering through some rough times, potential dementia, a fall resulting in hip surgery) they came across multiple copies of my Grandmother's journal detailing their Route 66 road trip out west.  My Grandmother (maternal) Carol and … Continue reading Like Grandmother Like Granddaughter

Irma’s Aftermath in Flo-who,Flo-what……Flovilla, Georgia

Irma hit us at Indian Springs State Park in Flovilla, GA starting at about 2pm EST, cutting out power almost immediately, and still at 1:30pm on Tuesday we are still without power.  The generator we used for two weeks solid after the fire incident failed to crank, go figure.  But we are certainly MUCH MUCH … Continue reading Irma’s Aftermath in Flo-who,Flo-what……Flovilla, Georgia