Trip and Route Planning with RV Trip Wizard


When you’re traveling with your RV, whether you’re pulling a 17ft travel trailer, a 35ft 5th Wheel or behind the wheel of a 45ft diesel pusher, route planning is a key element for a safe and stress free trip. Parking, traffic, bridges, road conditions…OH MY! We can’t just whip into any restaurant for a pit stop.  Fuel mileage and gas costs are a real concern, and knowing how far to the next Loves or Flying J makes a difference.

There are many options out there for GPS and route planning,  We researched and decided to give RV Trip Wizard a try and here are  just some of the reasons why.

  1. Low Bridge Warnings

  2. Calculates fuel costs

  3. Shows ALL (regardless of affiliations) camping options along your path to plan for stops (and will include the nightly rate and length of stay in your total trip costs)

  4. “Low fuel warning” stop suggestion

  5. You create your route using your computer or phone and then send to your favorite map application, GPS or use within the RV Trip Wizard website.

You can sign-up here to get a demo of how it works.

We hated (By we, I mean BJ. He does all the route planning since he does all the driving) bouncing from page to page, making sure there was a gas station big enough along our route, or what campgrounds were near by.  All while still not knowing for sure that the roads were rig worthy.

Here’s a sneak peek at some of my favorite features. We’re still learning and haven’t completely mastered everything it has to offer.  But these are the highlights.

General Trip Planning Screen with start location and destination.


Estimated costs, miles and time. Once you put in the info for your vehicle, it does all the math for you!



We took the time to setup our account with our specific points of interest, type of campgrounds we’re likely to stop at, and our preferred gas stations.  So when we plan our trips we only see the information that’s important to us. We narrowed down the campgrounds to show only state parks. But using the filters you can change it to list parks by price, hookups, amenities, and so much more.

RV-Trip-Wizard-Route-Planning (POI, FUEL, HAZARDS)RV-Trip-Wizard-Route-Planning (campground filters)RV-Trip-Wizard-Route-Planning (points-of-interest)

You can click on the campground you’re interested in and get all the information you need without having to toggle between tabs.  #TimeSaver!

RV-Trip-Wizard-Route-Planning campground info

And other than fuel, the most important function, is the ability to see bridges and other hazards. Each yellow icon has the height of the bridge on your route, so you can plan accordingly while creating your trip.

RV-Trip-Wizard-Route-Planning HAZARDS - bridge heights

At only $39 for a year’s subscription, I’d recommend joining and playing around with ALL that it offers.  But do keep in my mind this is a route planner, not a GPS, which I love, but it is different. You get to pre-plan fuel and pit stops ahead of time and get directions straight to those locations within the overall trip.  Also, for those of us trying to stick to a budget, or at least plan ahead for fuel and camping expenses, it’s a must!  As I learn more and uncover other functions, I’ll be sure to update my review. And I’ll also let you know on the off chance that it just doesn’t quite perform like we’d hoped.  Either way, you’ll get a clear idea of how it works from someone who has actually used it.

Click here for more information on RV Trip Wizard.

And The Mountain Driving Guide is a great addition to your route planning toolbox.  Written by a fellow RVer and once long-haul truck driver.  These ebooks tell you where the steep grades are, how long they are, how steep (%) they are, whether the road is two lane, three lane, or four lane, if there are escape ramps, switchbacks, sharp curves, speed limits, etc., all over the country!