Worth the wait….I Promise!

Unfortunately, my real job….that you know, pays the bills and helps us live this wonderful lifestyle, has increased my work load, making extra time, between travel days, real life stuff, and taking in some sights, very slim.  So I haven’t had the time to dedicate to researching and writing.

But I have some ideas for my next few posts that I think my fellow RVers will find informative. Watch for

  • My review of and how to use RVTripWizard.com.
  • Exploring the 10 year rule, and just how often it’s truly enforced. Especially with so many folks buying up older rigs and re-doing them, turning them into some real head-turners that could put these newer rigs to shame.
  • And fingers-crossed, an interview or two with some of the newer manufacturers on the market that are helping redeem this industry.

So don’t give up on me!  I’ll have some neat stuff coming out in the next week or two.  Also, I’d love to hear from you and if you have any issues or topics you’d like to see me cover. Email me at robynhengland85@gmail.com or comment below.