Comparing Campground Memberships

comparing campground membershipsAs I’ve mentioned before, we currently have a Thousand Trail Zone pass, which we have really enjoyed.  It has saved us boo-coos of dough (practically pays for itself your first two weeks), the campgrounds have been nice with great amenities and spread out perfectly throughout the southeast, which is the zone we picked for this year.  The Zone Pass is a regional yearly pass, that costs us about $500.  Their are 5 different regions to choose from, with some areas having more parks than other.  Check out this link to see a map of the parks that are included in the Zone Pass (green icons), for a $214 additional fee the Encore Parks (blue icons) can be added to your Zone Pass membership.  But be careful, some of the Encore locations are 55+, so be sure to double check how many in your region you’ll have access to before adding this option.

But as we enter a TT (short for Thousand Trails) dead zone and our yearly membership comes to a end, we have been looking into other options.  And to put it mildly, our heads are still spinning from trying to understand the differences, costs, perks and stipulations of each membership.  Because I’m a very visual person and love any excuse to bust out a spreadsheet, I decided to whip one up to compile the information and make it easier to compare costs and benefits.  We’re still looking and learning, but I wanted to share what we have so far. The information in the spreadsheet was provided by Campground Membership Outlet, I’m sure some of it is subject to change, so use this as a tool to help you start in your search.

Robyn’s Amazing Spreadsheet! (click here to view entire spreadsheet)

coast to coast and resort parks comparison

Resort Parks International (RPI) and Coast to Coast Resorts (C2C) are the two we came across in our search.  They offer their own memberships or you can combine them to have access to both campground systems.  Also, I think (don’t hold me to it) you can add a Basic RPI membership to a TT membership.  Again, there is so much info out there, some contradictory, that we’re still sifting through, so bare with me.  Thousand Trails has a lifetime membership, that you can buy used or new, these memberships can coast a few thousand dollars and have an annual fee of $500.  Each membership is different (just to make it as confusing as possible, lol) you’ll definitely want to contact the pros at the Campground Membership Outlet for more specific information on how the TT Elite packages work.

Keep checking back as I’m learning more and more every day.  And I’ll update when we’ve finally made a decision and why.

Oh, and don’t forget to check out Passport America!  The $45 annual fee pays for itself with your first few half-off nightly stays!