On The Road Again…FINALLY!

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After a very frustrating and disappointing 3 months of hopping from Airbnbs and living out of our suitcases and truck (with sprinkles of joy scattered throughout, on account of visits with family during the holidays), we are finally back in our camper.  I’m not going to recap all the issues and problems we had, but in the end, Keystone coordinated the pickup of our camper from New Orleans (after a month of sitting at the dealership without a single step of progress, we’re pretty sure they didn’t even move it or look at it at all, we DO NOT recommend Bent’s RV in Metairie, LA). Keystone managed to get us squeezed into a factory appointment with Crossroads because the earliest they could get it in was late January (no, thank you).  We were apprehensive at first, concerned that a different manufacturer wouldn’t have a stake in the game and not as willing to do what was necessary to get us back on the road…..we couldn’t have been more wrong.  Going to Crossroads was the best thing that every happened to us and our camper.

Benton, the service manager was AH-MA-ZING!  He treated us like family and went WAY above and beyond to get us on the road sooner rather than later.  And it wasn’t only his speedy-ness that granted him his halo and wings, but the constant updates, understanding our wants and needs without having to ask and his over all friendly and kind demeanor.  When we make it up to Indiana we’ll be sure to plan a special stop to say THANK YOU in person.

Alie the Alpine (I just named our rig…probably should run that by Batman) was shipped down to Houston a few days ago so we could pick up our adventure where we left it off, well 3 months later, but let’s focus on the positive.  She now works like she should have from day one, again thanks to Benton and the team at Crossroads.  No more man-handling the slide, flooring without gouges and scratches, the beautiful sound of ice dropping from the ice maker, pretty much a brand new slide once all was said and done….and SO SO SO much more, I could bore you with the very long list, but I won’t.  The takeaway….we’re over the moon thrilled with the repairs, the peace of mind of having a functioning RV and mostly to be back in our home! I never thought I’d miss a peddle-flush toilet so much! (a little RV humor)

What we’ve learned from this completely unexpected fiasco of purchasing a brand new camper (none industry and product related)….hindsight is 20/20 and I wasted way too much energy second guessing our decision, being angry at us and pointing the finger in the wrong direction. So many coulda, woulda, shouldas spoke between sips of wine with a twist of pitty-party, then remembering, although we were technically “homeless”, it was still just a first-world problem in the end.  Secondly, we truly do have gypsy souls, if we ever second guessed that (which we didn’t), but going back to being stationary about drove us batty!  We started looking into all different kinds of last-minute trips and destinations so we could dig our heels into some new dirt, even if for just a few days. Warning, mush alert…..lastly, I couldn’t have picked a better partner-in-adventure.  He did his best keeping me positive, even between my “what if” and “damn, those big corporations” diatribes.  Thanks and Sorry Babe! You’re the best!

So here we are, slap dab in the middle of the ranches and farmland of Texas and loving it.  Spending a couple of weeks outside of Houston, then heading down to the coast for a month to hopefully bask in the sun and some much warmer weather!  Back to planning routes and stops, all made easier with our Thousand Trails and PassPort America memberships.  If you’re thinking of traveling for just a year or jumping in full-time, you have to look into both of these services.  And feel free to reach out with any questions you may have.

Now, off to do my daily walk around the campground, oh, how I’ve missed it!  Next post from the coast!


After just two weeks of having our camper back, and only moving once, the slide issue has reared its ugly head.  While I do think Benton and his team did all that they could, and I still really appreciate all that he did, this problem is, for whatever reason, not willing to leave us be.  Is it a design flaw, a lemon or just plain’o Harper Luck (as my Dad would say), I’m not sure.  All I do know, it’s ‘unfixable’.  If after having it completely removed from the unit and rebuilt, with new everything, we’re still having the same problem, I’m just not sure what will fix it.  At this point we throw our hands up and scratch our heads (try doing that at the same time, humor me, it’s all I have at this point 🙂  Not sure where we go from here but I wanted to update everyone on what’s going on with the Dynamic Duo and oh, how I wish my Batman was a billionaire with unlimited resources to make and build state-of-the-art gizmos that might would help us out of this mess, all while fighting crime.  But here we are, no where near billionaire or crime fighting status, just trying to live our dream.  Stay tuned….I think MAYBE there will be an end to this saga, who knows!