Sorry Not Sorry

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Something’s coming soon…not sure what, when or how.  We’ve just been spending every waking moment with friends and family before we take off……in…, 5 weeks….holy cow!  It’s getting close!

Some highlights….

Three Christmases spent with Family…one Italian, One Traditional and the other Cajun!

Sleepover at my Big Sister’s and Niece Mo’s house, with Penny, Oz, Batman, and Mo’s class pet, Cooper the guinea pig.  We walked through some magical Christmas lights and taught Mo how to play Rummikub (a Harper Girls tradition)

Ringing in the New Year at a cabin in the mountains and hitting up the casino a “little” bit…of course, with family.  I’m like a hundred-aire now winning, a whopping $200 on one machine!!!

Cheering on our Georgia Bulldogs in the semi-final game, that they went on to win in double OT and setting all sorts of records, ultimately getting them to the National Championship game!!! GOOOOOOO DAWGS! Sic ‘Em! You know what we’ll be doing this Monday night at 8.

Oh, and freezing our butts off, with this abnormally cold weather here in Georgia.  We’ve learned A TON about living in a camper during freezing temps….how we made it work will, I’m sure be in a future post.

Thanks for checking in every once in a while….things are starting to get even more exciting as our first, out of Georgia hosting gig, down in the Florida Keys, approaches we just can’t wait!