“Tis the Season

The last couple of weeks have been spent with family and friends….from Thanksgiving Festivities to weekend getaways.  Before we hit the road for good, we’re trying to spend as much time with the people we’ll miss.

Not every day living as Batman and Robyn can be an exciting adventure, but they sure are filled with memories made and tons of laughs.

I have been TERRIBLE about taking photos, I guess I’m just been too busy living in the moment and taking every second in, which in theory, is a good thing.  But later down the road when the memories get a little fuzzy and harder to remember I’ll want some photographic proof of the good ol’ days. All of the photos below were stolen from the photographer.  Ya’ll can contact me in cases of copyright infringement 😉

We both have pretty big families.  So we got to enjoy Three Thanksgivings.  We kicked it all off at my amazing’s Aunt Kim’s on Thursday afternoon to celebrate with my Dad’s side of the family.  Even with all the folks you see below, we were still missing at least 10 or more.  The food was delicious, but the company was the best part of the day. Unfortunately, my Dad is taking the photo. I hate how someone always has to be left out. There isn’t always a good spot for a timed photo snap.  I need to create a contraption. You can’t always hope for a photo angel to come and save the day, right Mom and Chris.


From here we headed up to my Sister’s for a sleepover with my niece and Mom.  I did not take one single photo of our whirl wind 24 hour extravaganza.  Mo, is the best cousin to our pups and just hugs and loves on them non stop, and they are so sweet and patient, letting her get her pup fix in.  The three of them cuddled up and watched Elf that night, while we helped do some decorating.  Friday morning we hit up the outlet mall and did a little shopping.  Then home for a Chick-Fil-A/Waffle House Brunch shmorgishborg.  If you aren’t from the south, you may not understand the true struggling between picking Waffle House or Chick-Fil-A breakfast, so we decided to make it easy on ourselves and just did both. I’m really ticked at myself for not taking one photo of all of us together.

It’s been tradition now for at least a decade, that BJ’s family holds there Thanksgiving the Saturday after, making it easy for everyone to get together and not having to cram it all in one day.  The gathering started at 1pm and probably didn’t end til 1am.  Yes, twelve hours! BJ’s family is a true Brady Bunch, a blended family with six siblings.  It is always so much fun to get the WHOLE crew together and it just doesn’t happen that often.  So when it does, we make it last. Again, not a single photo (insert face palm).

This past weekend we were up in the mountains of Ellijay, Georgia with friends celebrating a birthday and ultimately the winning of the SEC Championship game by our Georgia Bulldogs, GOOOOOOOOO DAWGS!  It was full of good times, spent playing games, a little drankin’ (ok, maybe a lot), hiking for some, hot tubing for others, great food (prepared by Chef Lindsey) and a weekend I’ll never forget. And what will probably be the last time we’ll ALL be together before we head out.

SEC Championship Game 2017-Dawgs Win-28 to 7-againt Auburn

The fact that this will probably be our last Holiday season in Georgia (Christy, stop crying :)), hasn’t really sunk in yet.  And just this morning BJ and I were checking our schedules and trying to work it out to see other friends and family in the next month or so, ensuring no one gets left out.

I keep saying, “I’m just ready to get out of Georgia, ready to get this thing started”.  And I’m sure once we’ve been on the road for a while, I’ll be grumbling the opposite.   It’s usually that the tough decisions in life are also the greatest adventures.  But there is no denying that the excitement and sorrow pretty much balance each other out for us, some days one out weighs the other.  But that is why this next month will be spent getting our fill of what and who, our home state of Georgia has that just can’t be replicated or compared.

Georgia will always be on our minds!

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  1. I’m so greatful that we made it back in time to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas with you guys! Can’t wait to read about and see the adventures to come !



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