Au Revoir Indian Springs!


November 1st, we pulled out of Indian Springs State Park to head….well, nowhere and everywhere.  We’re going to be boon docking with family and friends in Georgia, over the next few months, taking some many trips (headed to Charleston on Sunday..YAY) and getting some repairs done to the camper, due to the fire we had.  So the real gypsy life has begun!

We spent our last night down at the dock with Ozzy and Penny, feeding the fish, enjoying the view of Chief McIntosh Lake, planning what’s next and remembering the past, it’s amazing what all can change in just five months.  The loss of our sweet Charlie still breaks my heart daily, and seeing the photo of just my two Littles was a reminder of just how much had changed.

Hosting at Indian Springs was a learning experience, for so many reasons.  Truly testing if we could live in a camper with three dogs, figuring out what it means to host, creating remote income and living on a tight budget.  But ultimately, I think we just played it too safe, staying so close to home, working much longer than we had expected, because we were still close, it was hard to say no.  I wish we had jumped in to it all in a completely new place, with less cushion. But oh well, you live and learn.   We also came to the conclusion that a five month commitment to host at the same place is WAY TOO LONG.  We got burnt out seeing the same things day in and out.

Meeting so many new people and being able to see familiar faces from time to time, was definitely my favorite part. We had multiple fellow hosts come and go during our stay and each so very different.  First, retired military man with a pony tail longer than mine that insisted cooking for us, almost nightly, then the healing hands of a holistic therapist who was also on her first hosting gig (the blind leading the blind, ha), and last, a long-time full-timer pro.  Each left their lasting marks and stories that will make us laugh at many campfires to come.  We met maybe a handful of other full-timers that were just camping, and we’d all swap tales as to why this lifestyle just seemed like the perfect fit.  BJ and I probably got asked multiple times a weekend, how such a young couple could possibly by hosting. Then there would be the times friends would camp for the weekend and we’d get to reminisce, talk the future and just be BJ and Robyn, not campground hosts/stranger.

Living at a campground feels like vacation every day, which was a feeling that never got old.  But our waist lines paid the price for that, it was hard to resist nightly brews by the fire to wind down the day 😉 But I’m not going to sit here and say everyday was just like a dream, that’d be more than a little white lie.  We had some trying days dealing with management, campers and their bathroom habits and even with each other when the walls sometimes felt they were closing in.  But that was few and far in between, just lasting long enough to snap back to reality.

We will definitely continue to host, but with a little more knowledge of it all under our belts.  I mean, we have to, in order to try to make this adventure last as long as possible and cost as little as possible;  volunteering for our FREE spot is a must and really 100% worth it!

Just in time to leave, we finally ordered our USA MAP RV STICKER and stuck it on the camper.  I can’t wait to have many more states filled in, and this white map, to be as colorful as possible.


Whatever risk you take, you have to start somewhere and just do it.  Indian Springs served its purpose perfectly, and it will forever go down in Batman and Robyn History as our first stop in this journey, it and the people we met there, will always have a special place in our hearts.


6 thoughts on “Au Revoir Indian Springs!

  1. Hope y’all the very best . you too will do great. Have fun and years to come will look back and be glad y’all traveled this journey. Be safe. Roy


  2. Met you two a couple weeks ago at DGR’s in Cochran as we watched UGA get their teeth kicked in. Enjoyed talking and learning about your venture. Best of luck to you both as you continue your journey!!


      • LOL! Funny you remember that. No!! Unfortunately I didn’t figure it out that weekend and haven’t been back down since. Just read your Charleston blog. You two are living the dream! Continue enjoying your journey.


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