When it all (almost) goes up in flames

I apologize for our (really my) MIA Status.  There has been a lot going on for the Dynamic Duo, some bad and some good, and unfortunately the blog took the hit.  So here I am trying to play catch up.

Let’s do a run down on what’s been going on for the last few weeks.

The main news and the major excuse for having been MIA, is our camper caught on FIRE! It was a small fire, that could have been a BIG fire, had we not been home.  We had been experiencing some strange power surges earlier that day and BJ was doing some trouble shooting to try and figure out what was going on, and thankfully during one of his trips around the camper to check the power post, he saw the fire and instantly jumped into Batman mode.  He whizzed by me screaming a few expletives that I won’t repeat here, grabbed the fire extinguisher (that I, regrettable, didn’t even know we had) and put the thing out before it could do any more damage.


After the fog had cleared and we stared at each other in disbelief, the realization that we could have easily just lost everything we owned, but more importantly, the three things that are completely irreplaceable, Ozzy, Charlie and Penny, had we not been here to put the blaze out.  There were a few tears and trembling hands as we tried to wrap our brains around what just happened.

So what caused it? We’re still scratching our heads and trying to piece it all together.  The power company came out to check the surge issue, and had to repair some lines, which fixed that problem.  The point of the fire was actually our cable line (yeah, weird), so the cable guy thinks that the power from the surges entering our camper were going out through the cable line, heating it up throughout the day and once the line couldn’t take it anymore, it caught fire.  The repair man says the main power line from the pole and the cable wire had to have connected in order to cause the fire.  Everyone has a different theory and we still don’t really know.

End results: Thanks to my amazing mother and her husband, we got a brand new high dollar and much better surge protector.  Feeling helpless all the way over in Africa (Tanzania to be exact) they wanted to help in anyway the could, and thanks to the wonder that is Amazon we had it in just two days!  The damage took out our TV, power converter, cable line, microwave, coffee maker (ouch), sound system and potentially an AC (it just hasn’t been running quite right since).  There were many conversations with our insurance company and this wonderful repair man, we were lucky enough to find, Pete the owner of Mid GA RV Service, and as of Saturday repairs have started.

The main take away is that it really wasn’t all that bad, there have been some inconveniences and struggles since the fire, but it could have been SO MUCH WORSE, and I get teary eyed just thinking about what we could have lost.  Perspective is an ever changing and fluid idea.  What was important yesterday may seem silly today.  At the end of the day as long as I have my Batman and Batpups by my side I have everything I need.  Yeah, yeah…may sound cheesy and cliche, but it’s really true! Focus on the things in life that hold no monetary value. Put stock in memories, people, feelings and less on keeping up with the Jones’.

In other news….happier news……

We got tattoos! We’re clearly tattoo people.  BJ has a sleeve and a few others.  I had 12 going into this one.  My body is a canvas and I want it full of the graffiti of my life.  They are all a picture in the book of my journey, reminding me of where I’ve been or hope to go.  I got a gypsy, in honor of my free spirit and decision to live the nomad life.  BJ’s is MUCH MUCH more special and more meaningful than mine.  He lost his Mom as a teenager and she loved elephants and collected figurines.  Elephants have always been a symbol of her to him.   He shares stories of her with me and I’m always so envious that I never got to meet her. He says we would’ve loved each other.  He is a true testament of what a woman she was.  In the short time she had with him, she raised this amazing man that I am extremly thankful for.  Andy and Buck at The Marked Society made our ideas come to life, we gave them so many different pictures and requirements, they each put pen to paper and the results were these pieces that will happily mark us for the rest of our lives!



And…..of course the Eclipse.  You can’t mention August 2017 without mentioning the Eclipse.  We had a good view in Georgia, not the best, but witnessing a little bit of history was fun for the five or so minutes we stared at the Sun.  Disclaimer: Do not try this at home.  We improvised and used about six pairs of sunglasses instead of purchasing those special eclipse glasses that inundated everyone’s Facebook feed for about a week. Glad that’s over.  Update: No blindness yet!


Peppered in between history, the fire, and getting ink, we just spent some quality time together.  We went to Sac-O-Suds in Monticello, GA where the infamous scene from My Cousin Vinny was filmed. We got the chance to take the bikes for a ride.  But my most favorite time of any day is when the five of us are all together.  We take the pups on leisurely strolls as much as possible and spending time with with my little furry family, talking with BJ as we walk, and watching them see (and sniff) the world around them makes my soul and heart full!

img 001


This lifestyle isn’t any different than the sticks and bricks way of living, in the way that there are peaks and pits.  Like the ol’ saying goes, life is 1% what happens to you and 99% how you react.  I try my best to focus on what I can control and let go of what I can’t.  A recent very tragic event in our full-time RV community has put just how precious and fleeting life is, into perspective. Sean and Caro of Road Warrior Life were an inspiration to us and I reached out to them as we planned and they offered up tips and tricks to help us get started sooner rather than later.  They were hit by a drunk driver while riding their scooter and Sean lost is life and Caro is in the hospital with some sever injuries. Although we never got to meet them, they felt like friends, constantly interacting on social media and following their amazing journey.  Please see this GoFundMe page for Caro as she recovers and aches with her loss.  Those of us that set out on this adventure often have the “life is too short” mentality, but you never think you’ll experience just how short it can actually be.

Hug those you love a little tighter, stop and smell the flowers a second longer, jam to your favorite song with the windows down while singing every word at the top of your lungs, eat that cheeseburger that makes your mouth water without regret, cut your hair (it’ll grow back), stand up to the bully, see the world….MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE!