But where do you put your stuff?


One, you just can’t have a ton of “stuff” when living the full-time RV lifestyle, it is just a fact, sorry.  Everything has to have its purpose and be used frequently to make the cut.  We aren’t super sentimental people, so that definitely helped us to narrow the list, plus we didn’t really have all that much to begin with.  We had already downsized from a five bedroom 2500sqft home, to a 3 bedroom 1300sqft house within the last few years.  Everything that had special meaning (my wedding dress, photo albums, etc.) all fit in one large Rubbermaid bin and was sent off to Batman’s sister’s basement for safe keeping.  All of our other furnishings were either sold at a yard sale, gifted to family members or were donated.  You have to be willing to let go!

After we accepted the contract on our house, we had a little over a week and half before our closing date.  We began to move everything we needed out to the RV, we essentially slept  and showered in the house, but did all over functions of living in the RV.  We wanted to make sure we had the room to fit our clothes (after purging A LOT), kitchen basics, towels, blankets, tools, cleaning products, bike stuff (I think you get the point).  To our wonderful SURPRISE, we had room to spare!!!!

You have to utilize every nook and cranny, optimizing space wherever possible (bins, baskets, shelves, OH MY).  We have tons of storage closets and cabinets in our used 2015 Jayco Whitehawk, but the spaces are deep and tall, without much shelving.  Being innovative and coming up with different ideas to customize our rig to fit our specific needs was fun and trying at times.  There were hours spent on Amazon, measuring and drawing, returning items, and installation, with a decent amount of trial and error.

Below are a few ways we were able to make the most of our storage spaces and just general customizations we implemented to make full-timing a tidge more comfortable. Command Hooks and Command Strips have become our best friend (you’re welcome for the free plug  3M).  We literally use them throughout the entire camper, inside and out, and JTTY (just to tell you) I hate when people misuse the word literally, so I mean it when I say we use them, literally EVERYWHERE (it has kind of become a running joke), from hanging decorations, pots and pans, ceiling fans (see below), to towel and hat racks and so much more.  Also the self-sticking click or push lights are a life saver, a lot of the storage spaces are deep and hard to see to the very way back, so in order to use every ounce, you have to mount them to the sides and tops of the storage areas.

Show us how you customized your RV!  @rockinrobyn85 and @Travelingredbeard


Our “nightstands” this nifty little thing slides under the mattress and board to hang by the bed


Overhead storage with bins for clothes that can be folded


Instead of hanging clothes in our side closets (we have a full closet slide out) we installed hanging shelves and a basket to optimize space


A none storage customization, but my favorite. Used about 10 command hooks to hang this “ceiling fan”


Our shower caddy pulling double duty! Our laundry hamper hanging from the hooks on the other side.


Once again, command hooks to the rescue, holding our pots and pans.


And last, but most creative.  Wine bottle racks used to hold our towels.  Mounted above the toilet.



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