Redhead vs The Sun, Redhead-1, Sun-0

We had a great weekend hanging around the park.  We bought bikes a few weeks ago and haven’t really had a chance to take them for a spin.  BJ took his to ride at Dauset Trails (some of the best mountain biking trails in the country, folks come from all over to ride them) a few times with friends.  But I’m TOO clumsy to attempt riding trails, I trip over my own feet, so going head first over the handle bars from a bump or root in the road doesn’t sound appealing.  So  instead, we rode them for maybe a four mile round trip from the campground to an adorable little store at The Village at Indian Springs.  There isn’t much to do in this tiny town of Flovilla, Georgia, but The Village offers a country store, boutique, sweet shop and Keeler’s Kubbyhole, which is the store we went to.  It was a nice trip on the bikes, with a welcome stop to look around, feel the AC from the stores and get out of the Georgia heat.

I’ll admit I had to walk my bike up the hills and was struggling at the end of it all.  But having not been on a bike in about 20 years I was not expecting to release my inner Lance Armstrong.  My Dad is an avid cyclist and if you’re reading this Dad, I promise I’ll get better :).  But we’re setting small goals for ourselves and the plan is to jump on the bikes at least once a day, doing one or two campground rounds on the bikes instead of our golf cart and other small changes like that.  My hope is that I can use the bike to run to the store in the very near future instead of driving.  But first I have to conquer the hills here in the park before taking it to the streets (you like that Doobie Brothers reference Mom), one goal at a time.

But before jumping on the bikes we drank our UVO.  BJ, being the handsome redhead he is, is constantly struggling with the sun.  Having already had a cancer spot removed from his neck at just 22, he is always looking for ways to protect his skin. Last year he found these small packets and he just pours it in a bottle of water, or blue Gatorade (his favorite way to take it), and we don’t have to worry about carrying a bunch of sunscreen with us.  If we’re going to be out in the sun all day, he’ll drink a few and occasionally apply some sunscreen for good measure.  I’m super stubborn and forget or refuse to put on sunscreen (I know, it’s dumb) and if I’m a little sun-kissed at the end of the day I drink one and it helps turn my burn to tan.  This isn’t an ad for UVO, we aren’t getting paid for this, but we just love this stuff and wanted to share our find with everyone.  It really makes being outside less of a hassle for us. There used to be a constant struggle for us, me wanting to be in the sun and be outside as much as possible and BJ wanting to stay in and out of the sun.  Check out their website and do your own research, before ordering or using it.

bj uvo 5