Robyn here, and JTTY (just to tell you), I’ll be the one doing 99.9% of the blog posting. Batman isn’t much of a writer, his contribution is filling my life with plenty of content 🙂

Anywho….we’re a little over a month in, right now we’re campground hosting at Indian Springs State Park (which is the oldest state park in the nation, stick that in your trivia brain folder).  So far we are having a blast! Since we decided to stay semi-local for our first gig we’ve had plenty of friends and family visits and we’ve had a chance to meet a few other full-timers and of course numerous weekend warriors.

Yesterday we were left a neat little gift on our picnic table, from who we aren’t sure, which was probably the point.  But this little surprise brought back a memory from our first week here in the park, when our fellow host found a nicely painted rock with a sweet little message, while cleaning a campsite and gave it to us.


The camper rock (its official name now) was yesterday’s surprise and couldn’t be more fitting.  We’ve told so many fellow campers about our decision to just risk it all and hit the road.  It brought a huge smile to my face and when I showed it to BJ, he was floored.  It’s nice to get these small tokens of validation and encouragement from complete strangers.  We’ve yet to come across a naysayer, but a lot of, coulda, woulda, shoulda.  Folks are so quick to say, “do it while you’re young”, “man, I wish I could it”, and “wow, what a great opportunity”.  We hunkered down and set this plan into motion in eleven months, not wanting to waste one more minute wishing and dreaming, but start doing and living.  And so here we are…JUST DO(ing) IT, like the rock says! We get it, not everyone wants to live rootless and in a tiny RV, actually we’re kind of glad, if everyone did it, where would we park (LOL)? But whatever your dreams, wherever you’re hoping to land, someday is too far away, today and now are what you can count on and know for sure. We hear it all the time, tomorrow is no guarantee.

So my advice is to JUST DO IT!

When I flipped it over and saw the writing and the tiny little Facebook icon I crossed my fingers and hoped a quick search would shed some light on our neat little finds, and IT DID!!!  There is a whole community of people that paint small rocks and hide them all over the country to brighten the day of the findee.  Here’s a link to their Facebook group if you’re interested in this tiny project that is changing the world one hand-painted rock at a time.

NPB Rocks Facebook Group